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Classes start August 2022
Registration and payment needs to be received prior to classes starting

Employers... are you finding it increasingly difficult to recruit experienced, knowledgeable HVAC technicians? If so, then consider investing in your company’s future by training your own technicians through the MACCA Apprenticeship program. 

The HVAC/R Apprentice program allows individuals to learn the skills required of the residential HVAC/R installation and service trade while working in a full-time paid employment position. Apprentices attend classes one night week and with on-the-job training from experienced HVAC journey-level technicians. 

What is the MACCA Apprenticeship program?  Florida Department of Education registered HVAC Apprenticeship program (#FL-001970020), established in November 1997, provides approved training in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning.  The program consists of 144 classroom hours and 2,000 on-the-job training hours per year, over a 3 year period.  Graduation from the program allows the apprentice to take the optional State journeyman exam. All instructors are industry experienced and registered with the State. The program is administered through MACCA’s Apprenticeship Committee.

What are the Benefits to my Company?   Participation in the program build highly-skilled employees, reduces turnover costs, increases productivity and creates company loyalty. Apprentice Graduates will also hold their EPA Certification, NATE Certification, HVAC Excellence Electrical and Heat Pump Certifications.

What will the Apprentices Learn?
• Identifying refrigeration tools, materials, electrical and control components / systems
• Installing and servicing the components of different types of air conditioning and refrigeration systems
• Refrigeration fundamentals
• Ventilation requirements
• Servicing refrigerant control systems and air conditioning control systems
• Working with air distribution and cleaning systems
• Working with advanced circuitry systems and innovative instruments

What are my Company’s Responsibilities?    Employers are asked to support the apprentice by ensuring their work hours allow for class attendance., provide the on-the-job training as specified by the program and select employees that have a desire to learn and become HVAC professionals.

What will the Apprentices Learn?

  • All apprentices must be employed by a company who have agreed to participate in the apprenticeship program (aka Participating Employer). 
  • The apprentice continues with his/her full time job, working a minimum of 2,000 hours per year for the three-year period in an on-the-job (OJT) training program.
  • The apprentice maintains his/her OJT work experience records on a monthly basis. These records are submitted for his/her employer’s review and approval and then to the Apprenticeship Program Coordinator.
  • The apprentice attends night classes one night a week, four hours per night, for 36 weeks during the normal school year; approximately mid-August to early June.

How Do I Enroll my Employees?   Click on the enrollment / registration forms below.  Registration takes place in July of each year and classes beginning in August. 

What is the Cost?    Per State requirement, employers pay the cost of the tuition and commit to paying a minimum pay rate determined by a local survey of journeymen wages.

What if I am not Currently Employed with an HVAC company?  If you are currently not employed with an HVAC company and are interested in participating in the apprentice program, please click on the Non HVAC Employed Application and submit to us. The application is sent to area contractors. Those contractors who have an interest in the candidate will arrange for an employment interview. If the individual is hired and in the judgment of the employer is qualified for the program, he/she will be recommended as a candidate..  Non HVAC Employed Application  

The HVAC apprenticeship program, sponsored by the Manasota Air Conditioning Contractors Association (MACCA)

Click below to download the 2021 -2022 Apprenticeship Program Paperwork.
The paperwork needs to be completed in its entirety and signed

2021-2022 Apprentice Program Registration Forms


Benefits for Business... 

  • Highly-skilled employees 
  • Reduced turnover costs
  • Higher productivity 
  • More diverse workforce 
Benefits for Workers...

  • Increased skills 
  • Higher wages strategies 
  • National credential 
  • Career advancement
  • College Credits towards a Degree

Apprentices receive related instruction that complements on-the-job learning. This instruction delivers the technical, workforce, and academic competencies that apply to the job.

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