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  • Monday, April 12, 2021 9:06 PM | Anonymous

    On March 29, 2021, Governor Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 72, which protects Florida businesses from lawsuits claiming COVID-19 injuries or damages, effective immediately.

    The legislature sites a strong and vibrant economy is essential and that potentially limitless civil liability, especially in the wake of a pandemic, could cause businesses, entities, and institutions to react in a manner detrimental to the state’s economy and residents. The new law intends for certain business and governmental entities along with educational and religious institutions, to enjoy heightened legal protections against liability as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Q: How does this impact businesses?

    The new law creates notable legal obstacles for plaintiffs to pursue COVID-19 related lawsuits against businesses. In short, the law protects businesses that made a good faith effort to comply with government issued health standards, to include CDC guidelines, and state and local guidelines.

    For non-health care providers, a complaint must include an affidavit from an active physician asserting the COVID-19 related damages, injury, or death occurred as a result of the business’s actions or omissions. Should the plaintiff fail to comply with these requirements, the court must dismiss the lawsuit. If the court determines that the business made a good faith effort to comply with set standards, it is immune from civil liability. Even if the business lacked good faith efforts to comply, it is the plaintiff’s burden to prove, by clear and convincing evidence, that the business acted with gross negligence.

    For health care providers, a complaint must be pled with particularity, but no physician’s affidavit is required. A plaintiff also faces a heightened burden to demonstrate that the health care provider was grossly negligent or engaged in intentional misconduct to bring a successful claim. The bill strengthens affirmative defenses for health care providers that substantially complied with and relied upon health standards, effectively providing them civil immunity if the provider can prove one or more of their affirmative defenses by the greater weight of the evidence.

    A one-year statute of limitations applies to COVID-19 related lawsuits. For a cause of action that occurred before March 29, 2021, the statute of limitations would begin on the effective date.

    Matthew Naples | Claims Consultant |BKS-Partners| E

    This material has been prepared for informational purposes only.

    BKS Partners, LLC, and its affiliates, do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. Please consult with your own tax, legal or accounting professionals before engaging in any transaction.

  • Monday, November 25, 2019 3:47 PM | Anonymous

    NAPLES, FL – Conditioned Air and Honest Air Conditioning of Venice, Fla. on October 2 announced a partnership under which Honest Air will be acquired by Conditioned Air and operate as a division of the air-conditioning contracting and service firm. This merger expands Conditioned Air’s presence in Sarasota County and enables Honest Air Conditioning to provide enhanced products and services.

    “This is a great partnership as our two companies share the same core values and a commitment to serve our customers with honesty and integrity and to provide service that will exceed their expectations,” said Tim M. Dupre, President and Chief Executive Officer for Conditioned Air.

    Once the transaction is completed, Honest Air Conditioning will operate under its existing name as a division of Conditioned Air. A number of improvements also are in the works to allow the company to better serve customers, such as an updated dispatching/operating software program.

    A number of improvements also are in the works to allow Honest Air to better serve customers, such as an updated dispatching/operating software program.

    “We will have more access to employee training programs to ensure that we have the best technicians in the market,” said Nicholas J. Masher, President of Honest Air. “Our service fleet also will have increased inventory, which will allow us to serve customers faster, and improved buying power will ensure our ability to provide fair and competitive pricing in the local market.”

    Headquartered in Naples, Conditioned Air is currently the region’s largest air-conditioning contracting and service firm with a total of 390 employees serving Collier, Lee, Charlotte, Sarasota and Manatee counties. The company expanded into Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties in 2011, mostly to serve existing clients in those markets. The company has since experienced tremendous growth, increasing revenue and boosting its employment throughout the region.

    To accommodate further growth in the northern region, Conditioned Air last year moved into the remaining flex space in its northern headquarters building located on Knight’s Trail Road in North Venice, growing from about 5,000 square feet up to 15,000 square feet. The company also has been increasing employment and expects to hire an additional 15 to 20 people over the next year.

    The acquisition of Honest Air Conditioning fits with Conditioned Air’s strategic plan to grow the company both organically and through acquisitions of companies with similar corporate cultures.

    Honest Air Conditioning has served the South Florida community since 2000. It is owned by husband and wife team, Nick and Brooke Masher. The couple is committed to the local community, to providing superior service to their customers and to running a successful company that provides a rewarding career to their employees. The Mashers will remain in a leadership role.

    Founded in 1962, Conditioned Air offers local expertise in light commercial and residential HVAC systems, including design, engineer, estimate, installation and maintenance of new construction, refrigeration, indoor air quality and dehumidification systems. For additional information or to schedule service, call 1-888-COLD-AIR or visit

  • Thursday, November 14, 2019 12:13 PM | Anonymous

    Local heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) companies are partnering with CareerEdge and Suncoast Technical College (STC) to offer a free fast-track HVAC Installation and Maintenance program which will launch in January.  The employers are looking for a way to recruit and rapidly train people for a very specific skill set, namely the installation and maintenance process, and then develop these employees further over time through internships and apprenticeship programs. CareerEdge brought the employers and college together to determine the industry’s workforce needs and to identify the specific curriculum components of this program, which will be a condensed version of STC’s HVAC Technician program.  The tuition-free class will begin January 21, 2020 and run through June with classes held in the evening Monday-Wednesday from (5:30pm - 9:00pm) at STC’s main campus 4748 Beneva Rd., Sarasota.& nbsp; The program will also include CareerEdge’s Bridges to Careers soft skills training. HVAC company representatives will volunteer to teaching modules in the class in order to enhance the hands-on, real-world nature of the program.

    Funding for the program is made possible by the Eppard Family Foundation and the generous support from the local HVAC business community. No technical experience is required for this training and all interested applicants, will need to apply for the free program and be screened by the college and employers. Interested applicants must apply by Friday, November 22, those selected will be notified and must attend a mandatory information session. For more information, visit 

  • Wednesday, October 23, 2019 12:33 PM | Anonymous

    FRACCA President Message 

    Rick Sims 10-16-19 

    One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about our trade is that it’s continuously advancing with new technological innovations. Most often we think of manufacturer led innovations that advance methods, materials or components to bring benefits to consumers. I was recently introduced to a new Florida grown innovation that does this by updating the inspections process for AC equipment replacements using tech we all have. While attending the October meeting of MACCA ( Manasota Air Conditioning Contractors Association ) I was introduced to the new video inspection program offered by Manatee County Development Services that uses technology to better facilitate AC changeout inspections. I was very impressed. Congratulations to MACCA for sticking with this idea for so long and now finally seeing it really happen. Congratulations to Manatee County for your outstanding innovation. 

    Basically, it works like this; a completed AC equipment replacement is recorded in high def video using a mobile device. There are very specific guidelines explaining exactly what the contents will show ( and not show ). The video is uploaded to the Manatee County inspections portal where it is reviewed inhouse for compliance and approved digitally without need for a conventional on-site inspection. The program is voluntary; contractors or owners who want a conventional inspection can still get one. It is specifically for like-for-like AC equipment replacements. 

    Think of all the direct and indirect benefits. Scheduling of inspections is basically eliminated as are arranging and coordinating physical access for the inspector. It eliminates any inconveniences posed to the owner to facilitate the inspection. These are some of the primary things that building departments and contractors must devote resources to manage daily that simply go away with this new program. In SWFL, 35% of all permits are for AC equipment replacements; there is no other permit type with this high level of demand. Anytime a municipality can so drastically improve the efficiency of its highest volume service, it’s a big deal. The elimination of travel to provide inspection services is a fast lane to slashing the cost of providing these services and erases a great deal of carbon footprint from operations. 

    This is a very smart use of today’s technology. Everybody can take HD video these days and uploading it to Manatee County has been made as easy as posting to social websites. Municipal technology is often behind the times and clunky; it’s great to see one take a leap ahead like this. Many building departments already casually use still images to supplement plans, communicate or maybe even to make verifications of compliance. These are often just mail attachments and may come with file size limitations. This new program is set up for simple upload directly from the mobile device directly into the inspections portal. HD video can be reliably transmitted without file size issues. Manatee County can review the video to determine compliance without coordination with contractors or owners. They never even have to leave the building; the video is GPS and time stamped proving time and location recorded. Real time GPS and time data make it more than just a video; it’s a data augmented recording. There are specific guidelines that protect the integrity of code compliance and the privacy of those whose property is recorded. Owners must agree that video content will become public record or may opt out. 

    Thanks to all those MACCA members who worked so patiently for this. We will see you at the 2020 FRACCA Education Conference on Daytona Beach where you can let us know how this new program is working out and whether you can recommend it to the rest of us.  

    NOTE: We would also like to recognize the City of North Port for also instating video inspections as well!! 

  • Wednesday, September 18, 2019 2:04 PM | Anonymous

    Tropic Supply Demo Day

    Newest Line of Mini-Splits from SAMSUNG

    Thursday, October 10, 2019
    7:30 am - 11:30 am
    T-12 Port Charlotte Resource Center
    20100 Veterans Blvd.
    Port Charlotte, FL 33954
    P: (941) 255-8330

    Thursday, October 10, 2019
    1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
    T-14 Sarasota Resource Center
    7533 Claxstrauss Drive
    Sarasota, FL 34240
    P: (941) 378-0910

    Learn About Tropic Supply’s Newest Line of Mini-Splits from SAMSUNG:

    • Novus - provides a quality and economical solution for cooling a single room or zone. (115V)
    • Smart Pearl - Samsung’s most efficient and “smart” system - featuring built-in wifi, self-diagnostics and an error monitoring system. 
    • Wind-Free - exclusive cooling technology that provides users with a cool indoor climate without the discomfort of direct cold airflow. 
    • Multi-zone systems offer multiple indoor unit and control options. 
    • VRF technology available for both single-phase and 3-phase applications. 

    For further information on this please visit here

  • Monday, May 06, 2019 4:47 PM | Anonymous

    MACCA will be introducing a new feature to it's monthly meetings... the "Business Information Exchange". We will be setting some time aside at each meeting for you to pick the brains of 3 of our Board member / business owners. Collectively our Board of Directors has over 450 years worth of experience in the Industry. They are a wealth of knowledge and will be providing insight and advice on any area of your business you find challenging. If you would like to include a question during this time we have added a space on the online registration form and at the event.

  • Tuesday, February 12, 2019 12:25 PM | Anonymous

    This is the BEST Opportunity we have to

    CHANGE the next Code (2020).


    March 21st, where the Mechanical TAC meets at 8 AM, for the morning and the Energy TAC in the afternoon around 1 PM. The Meeting will be at Embassy Suites Orlando North (Altamonte Springs).

    The TACs go over all of the Code Modifications (Mechanical and Energy Codes) and vote to recommend approval or not.

    FRACCA is represented by Oscar Calleja currently on both of the TAC’s. Bob Cochell is on the Energy TAC and Robert Griffin is on the Mechanical. This is the best opportunity we have to change the next Code (2020).

    FRACCA needs your help. We are at a perilous juncture in time concerning the future of the Florida Building Code. Legislative changes in 2018 established the Florida Building Code 6th Ed. as the base code for future editions, rather than continuing to utilize the International Codes. It could have devastating results for our communities.

    FRACCA and several industry partners have submitted over 1,000 code modifications to the Florida Building Commission. The next step in the process is that these modifications must be approved by the Florida Building Commission’s Technical Advisory Committees (TAC). Many are simple clarifications of language and corrections of errors or omissions. Others are important changes and corrections.You may take a look and help by speaking in support of some of the Modifications we have submitted, like: #8360, 8362, 8364, 8367, 8371, 8377

    Your presence at these meetings is of utmost importance to maintaining a strong code that will continue to protect the lives and property of Floridians and the millions of guests that visit our beautiful state each year.

    Expectations of the Members attending the meeting:

    It is open to the Public and they allow anyone to sign up to speak. The idea is that when each individual item comes up they ask for “Public Comment”. At that time, make your way go up to podium and say their name and company and then say that they support the Mod, or the motion that was made to approve it. That is it. Support our Leadership Team when a Mod or Motion is presented by them.


    MARCH 21, 2019

    Thank you -

    Oscar L. Calleja

    Certified RESNET Energy Rater

    Engineered Air, Comfort by Design

    Vice-President Engineering

    Office 954-449-1600 Ext 342

    FLORIDA BUILDING COMMISSION-Mechanical Commissioner

    FRACCA -President (2014-2016)

    (Fla. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractor Assoc.)


    (South Fla. Air Conditioning Contractors Assoc.)-President (2005-2012)

  • Wednesday, January 23, 2019 7:42 PM | Anonymous

    The Senate Committee on Banking & Insurance met to discuss an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) reform bill that will help reign in AOB abuse -- Senate Bill 122.

    The Florida Chamber applauds Senator Doug Broxson for proposing SB 122 and the committee for engaging in bold dialogue and seeking meaningful insights from industry experts, including Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis, the Office of Insurance Regulation and Citizens Property Insurance.

    Meaningful reforms have failed to cross the finish line in past years and as a result, we have seen hardworking individuals continue to fall victim to shady contractors who have convinced them to sign away their rights— ultimately leaving them high and dry without recourse.

    Consider that, in 2006, there were only 405 AOB-related lawsuits. Last year, the number skyrocketed to more than 34,000.

    We cannot afford another year without AOB reform.

  • Thursday, January 03, 2019 9:06 AM | Anonymous

    TALLAHASSEE — Gulf Power, the largest electric utility in Northwest Florida, starts 2019 with a new owner.

    NextEra Energy Inc., the parent company of Florida Power & Light, announced early Tuesday that it has finished an earlier-announced deal to purchase Gulf Power from the Atlanta-based Southern Company. The deal expands NextEra’s already-large footprint in Florida and is a major change in the Panhandle, where Gulf serves about 450,000 customers in eight counties.

    In a statement Tuesday announcing the completion of the sale, NextEra Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jim Robo praised Gulf Power’s work to restore electricity after Hurricane Michael caused massive damage in October in Northwest Florida.

    “The last few months have been among the most challenging periods in Gulf Power’s rich history as the team worked tirelessly to restore power to those impacted by Hurricane Michael,” Robo said. “We couldn’t be more pleased by Gulf Power’s performance and commitment to getting the lights back on during what were extremely dangerous and difficult conditions. As we turn to the future, we look forward to extending to Gulf Power’s customers our best-in-class value proposition of low bills, clean energy, high reliability and outstanding customer service.”

    NextEra and Southern Company in May announced a $6.475 billion deal that included NextEra purchasing Gulf Power, the Florida City Gas natural-gas company and ownership interests in two power plants. The parts of the deal involving Florida City Gas and the power plants had already been completed.

    In a statement Tuesday, Thomas A. Fanning, chairman, president and CEO of Southern Company, said the deal would bolster his company.

    “These sales deliver substantial value to Southern Company and our stockholders,” he said. “By strengthening our financial position and allowing us to fund our business without raising significant additional capital, the value proposition of this deal is clear.”

    In the initial May announcement of the deal, NextEra said the $6.475 billion purchase price included assuming about $1.4 billion of Gulf Power debt. It also said the Gulf Power purchase was expected to close during the first half of 2019 --- but NextEra and Southern Company issued news releases about 1:30 a.m. on New Year’s Day announcing the completion.

    Gulf Power is the fourth-largest private electric utility in the state, behind Florida Power & Light, Duke Energy Florida and Tampa Electric Co. Gulf serves customers in Bay, Escambia, Holmes, Jackson, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Walton and Washington counties.

    Florida Power & Light, by comparison, has about 5 million customers, with its territory including much of the state’s East Coast, heavily populated South Florida and much of Southwest Florida.

  • Thursday, September 13, 2018 10:42 AM | Anonymous

    The Florida Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (FRACCA) and a statewide coalition of mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors, the MEP Coalition for Fair Competition, today asked Attorney General Pam Bondi to investigate the business practices of Florida Power & Light (FPL). Specifically, the groups claim that FPL is misappropriating regulated public assets to enter private for-profit markets.

    "FPL is using utility ratepayer funds and assets to buy their way into HVAC, electrical, plumbing and other industries and their goal is to put small local companies out of business and control these markets," said Jaime DiDomenico, the President of Cool Today, an HVAC, plumbing and electrical company based in Sarasota, and a member of the MEP Coalition for Fair Competition. "We hope the Attorney General will intervene to protect local businesses, jobs and consumers."

    FRACCA originally filed a complaint with the state's Public Service Commission (PSC) on April 18, 2018 to prevent FPL from subsidizing Jupiter-Tequesta A/C through FPL Energy Services. Currently, Jupiter-Tequesta A/C is marketing itself as an FPL Energy Services company and is utilizing FPL's name and logo in all of its advertisements. FPL is also subsidizing Jupiter-Tequesta A/C in other ways such as recruiting employees, transferring incoming calls directly to the for-profit subsidiary, marketing their services in utility customer invoices and sharing a myriad of infrastructure and other ratepayer funded resources.

    NextEra Energy, FPL, FPL Energy Services and Jupiter-Tequesta A/C all share officers and directors. In addition, FPL has admitted to collecting pricing data and customer information from independent contractors participating in rebate programs.

    Due to the PSC's inaction, FRACCA and the MEP Coalition for Fair Competition sent another letter today seeking clarification of FPL's positions and providing supplemental information to the PSC for consideration. They are also asking the Attorney General's Antitrust Division to intervene and to initiate an investigation.

    Added Tray Batcher, a Partner with Cotney Construction Law which represents FRACCA, "We believe FPL is subsidizing a for-profit affiliate using regulated ratepayer funds. It is outrageous, unfair and extraordinarily damaging to local small businesses and FPL ratepayers."

    Link to Letter:

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