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How to Make High-End HVAC Equipment Sell Itself: Tips for Contractors

Monday, April 03, 2023 1:28 PM | Anonymous

As an HVAC contractor, part of your job is not just installing and servicing HVAC equipment — it’s about being able to sell it, too. In fact, depending on where you work and your company’s compensation structure, you might even receive a commission or bonus when you make new equipment sales to your customers.

At the same time, closing those deals isn’t always easy. This is especially true when you’re trying to sell higher-end equipment, such as high-efficiency heat pumps, furnaces and air conditioning systems. Fortunately, you can follow a few tips and best practices to help high-end equipment practically sell itself.

Get Specific About Energy Savings

These days, it’s all about energy efficiency and energy savings. The most expensive and high-end HVAC equipment on the market also tends to be the most efficient — and you can use this to your advantage when selling in the field. This means focusing on the potential energy savings a customer will enjoy with a new and efficient unit as part of your pitch.

This can take some careful calculation on your part, but if you can actually provide your customers with a ballpark idea of how much they could save on their energy bills (whether it be each month or each year) by installing a high-end system, you’ll be much more likely to make the sale. That’s because offering a concrete figure helps customers rationalize a larger purchase, especially if they can see that the new unit may pay for itself over time.

Talk About Features

In addition to bragging about SEER ratings and energy-efficiency savings as part of your pitch, be sure to focus on the included features that make the equipment better than the less expensive options on the market. For example, maybe the system comes with advanced filtration technology that will help to improve indoor air quality (IAQ). Perhaps (as in the case of a ductless system) the condenser unit can be connected to multiple air handlers to allow for precise zone control throughout the home.

Don’t assume that your customers will be aware of these features without you telling them. Instead, take the time to explain the highlights that make higher-end equipment stand out from the rest. This could also include extended warranty coverage or higher quality parts less likely to need replacing over time.

Bundle Products or Services

Another strategy to consider when making more high-end equipment sales is bundling the equipment with other products and/or services. For instance, when a customer purchases a premium heat pump unit, you might throw in a few years of free tune-ups and inspections as part of the deal. This can be a great way to add perceived value to the purchase, especially if you explain how much money the customer would save by getting those tune-up sessions for free.

Bundling other products with a high-end purchase is another option, though this will depend on your inventory and business model. Some HVAC companies run promotions, for example, where they actually offer a free furnace with the purchase of a new AC system (or the other way around). While that may be a more extreme example, even throwing in some free air filters or other smaller equipment can make all the difference in your ability to make a sale.

Offer Plenty of Options

Make sure that you’re offering your customer plenty of options to choose from. If you have a few high-end options available, take the time to present at least three of these to your customer. Explain the differences between each option, not just in terms of price and features but energy efficiency and potential energy savings.

Presenting customers with options to choose from makes them more likely to make a sale. If you’re simply trying to push one high-end unit on them, they’re more likely to resist. Yes, it will take a little more time to break down a few options for your customer, but this will often pay off in the end.

Offer a Limited-Time Deal

Some HVAC professionals also have luck making sales by offering special deals or pricing that is only good for a limited amount of time. Typically, these deals expire at the end of the business day they are presented, but you can choose any frame of time that works for your company. Creating a sense of urgency to take advantage of a special discount can greatly increase sales, though it will cut a bit from your profits.

Start Making More Sales Today

These are just a few effective ways to start making more high-end equipment sales as an HVAC contractor. At the end of the day, it’s all about knowing your customers and catering to their most essential needs. By taking the time to explain features and energy-efficiency savings, and giving your customers plenty of options to choose from, you can boost your sales (and your commissions as a result).

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